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Effective Feng Shui Tips For Your Home In 2018

Here are some of the most effective and practical Feng Shui tips that make sense and improves impact for your home in 2018.

Many Filipino people usually believe in Feng Shui believing that it could allegedly bring good luck and wealth to a person through harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

Feng Shui is a collaboration of Chinese philosophy and space planning adhere to good architecture. People also believe that it could bring fortune and wealth to those who were using it.

Here are some effective Feng Shui tips for your home:

Main Entrance

  • It should prominent to the entrance of the house and could be done with plants, lighting, and site elements
  • Fix squeaking doors
  • Clean and maintain the main door
  • Place bookshelves near the entrance to invite positive energy but it should not be obstructive

Living room

  • It should be located at the center of your home
  • Furniture should be placed in the west and south areas to gain sunlight during the entire day
  • Secure natural ventilation through large windows and high ceilings
  • Apply curtains to encourage ventilation and sunlight
  • Provide ample space and should not be filled with too much furniture, which could hinder the flow of positive energy

Dining Room

  • The corners of dining tables should not point towards the resting places.
  • Choose a round or oval shapes dining table to allow chi flow throughout the room
  • Remove televisions and clocks as they cause distraction during dinner
  • Place plants and paintings throughout the room to brighten the space


  • Locate kitchen not too near to the back door or main entrance
  • It should serve as the center of command in a home
  • Stove should face the kitchen door
  • Fill empty spaces such as the areas above with overhead cabinets and plants


  • The bed should be at the position where you can see the door
  • Cover the television when not in use
  • Put natural elements instead of artificial decors to improve rest and keep a quiet energy in the room


  • It should be located away from kitchen, living, and dining room
  • Always keep the door close
  • Provide cabinets and shelves to keep things organized

What can you say about this? Just feel free to leave your comments and reactions to this article.

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