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Millions of people all over the world have benefited from positive thinking, visualization of their desires, setting the right goals and effective self-motivation. One of the main and most popular techniques to achieve these goals is creating desire boards or treasure maps.

This is actually an ancient technique known to be the best means of self-motivation and stimulation. If you haven’t yet, do watch “The Secret” documentary, which vividly describes practical examples and gives basic instructions about the law of attraction.

But let’s face it, cutting out images from magazines and gluing them onto paper is way too boring, just as looking at them! We offer a lot more convenient, efficient and versatile tool. Not only can you easily pick symbols to visualize and create new ones based on the photos from your personal collection or the Internet. You can also add our thoughtful and positive affirmations, creating a double effect! You can hang your board on the wall, but also look at it on a variety of electronic devices, print out and reproduce, share in social networks, with your friends and our community, creating a triple effect!

Also you can play with your symbols in our mini- game “The Wheel of Fortune” thus commanding your subconscious mind to execute the desired. Or meditate on your wonderful future in a special animation mode.

Last but not least! The application is constantly developing, just like you do. You will receive notifications with new affirmations and motivational quotes of famous people to your device on a daily basis. Every day our users publish new symbols that you can add to your boards, change them, improve yourself and get ready for a new, happy life.

Good luck and success in the creation of your dream board!

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