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Functionality of the “Dream board 2” app contains over 450 high quality symbols of desires broken into categories with descriptions and search (the full list is available after the upgrade to PRO version);
• 6 built in templates to achieve the most popular goals + new templates in the new versions;
• more than 50 badges – special symbols with changeable layer colors;
• creating your own symbols based on photos from the gallery or images from the web by slicing them out in one of two modes;
• unlimited number of templates from our loyal users;
• daily motivational phrases and symbols from our active users – thank you friends!;
• over 500 pre-made affirmations, positive and motivational phrases and famous quotes, categorized and searchable;
• lots of text editing options, 16 beautiful built-in fonts, text skewing;
• lots of object manipulation options: rotation, transformation, moving to background, locking, mirroring, etc.;
• over 40 different background images;
• saving the finished dream boards in the form of images or templates for further editing;
• posting the created boards to our website visualife.newmobapp.com, password protection, sharing in social networks, e-mailing;
• “Wheel of Fortune” mini- game;
• animation of symbols for meditation and relaxation to beautiful music;
• detailed instructions and guidance on compiling effective dream boards.

To create a board of desires that will really help you in bringing these desires to life follow our main guidelines:
• create multiple desire boards, each dedicated to a single topic: love, wealth, work and family;
• regularly open your templates and change elements, find new ones online, capture with the camera and add to your desire boards;
• visualize objects of your desire, envision them vividly, possess them in your mind;
• you can show your desire board to friends and family, but don’t share it with envious and negative people;
• try to look at the desire boards and envision them more often;
• gratefully remove from the board symbols of objects that you have already acquired or which are no longer relevant, do not overload the board with unnecessary symbols and affirmations.


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